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Built at the request of snow bikers, the Style 6 Triple Clamp Tugger mounts to the top triple clamp and extends vertically above the handlebar to provide a convenient location to grap your snow bike even when buried in the white stuff. Constructed using two layers of Tugger webbing with an internal stiffener to handle the worst abuse. (Sorry – custom embroidery is not available due to the stiffened construction.) Easy to install, lightweight, tough, and convenient. Backed by our no-nonsense After riding with the Tugger™, you’ll never want to ride without one again. Weight: 3 oz!

Can be purchased separately but snow bikers recommend the Snow Bike 3-Pack (Style 1 EE, Style 2 EE, and Style 6).


1. Remove one top triple clamp bolt. Use the top bolt for max height, the lower one if you want the Tugger a little lower.

2. Decide if the stock bolt can be used; if not, use one of the bolts included in your Tugger kit. You may need to cut the bolt a little shorter for some models.u

3. Slide the Tugger metal end piece over the aluminum bushing, insert the bolt and tighten.

4. Route the Tugger as desired and repeat on the other side.


TUGGER LIFT STRAPS Style 6 Triple Clamp Tugger T6

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