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SAMCO Radiator Hoses Thermostat Bypass (Orange * Black * White * Blue) - 2 Hoses KTM 13400062


This is a high performance product which replaces your standard factory rubber hoses to a high quality Samco Sport silicone hose kit. Thermostat Bypass hose kits remove the factory fitted thermostat from the cooling system, allowing better coolant flow and lower engine running temperatures.


  • High quality silicone hoses (resistant up to 200°C).
  • Used by teams in off-road and road
  • Improve the passage of fluids and increase engine cooling
  • UV resistant and reliable
  • Provide a racing look
Orange 1340006206

Black 1340006201

White 1340006202

Blue 1340006207


Stock status Inquire
Condition New
#Color Black
#Color White
#Color Blue
#Color Orange
Type Silicone hose

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