ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 (ORANGE * GREY) RS00115

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ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 (ORANGE * GREY) RS00115

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ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 (ORANGE * GREY) RS00115

Enhance Your Riding Experience with RNR's Premier Lens

Motorcyclists demand clear vision and protection when they hit the road. The ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 (ORANGE * GREY) RS00115 is designed with those needs in mind, offering both superior clarity and durability. Whether you are soaring through city streets or navigating off-road trails, this lens ensures you see every detail.

Advanced Lens Technology

Developed by RNR, a trusted name in motorbike apparel and parts, the ACERBIS Huricane lens incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide a first-rate optical experience. The anti-scratch coating is engineered to withstand rigors that come with motorcycling, protecting your investment and maintaining peak performance.

Unmatched Visibility in Changing Conditions

The orange & grey tint of the RS00115 model is specifically designed to maximise contrast, delivering superior visibility in various lighting conditions. Whether you're riding under the bright sun, through fog, or in low-light environments, this lens adapts, offering clear, undistorted vision.

Comfort and Compatibility

The ACERBIS Huricane lens is crafted for perfect compatibility with a wide range of goggle frames, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Its ergonomic design suits riders who demand both comfort and function during long rides. The lens' aerodynamic shape not only enhances fit but also reduces wind drag, making your ride smoother and more efficient.

Stylish Yet Functional

Great looks should never compromise performance, and the ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 is a testament to that philosophy. The orange and grey color scheme adds a bold and stylish touch to your goggle setup, while its robust construction guarantees you're protected under the helmet. Riders can enjoy a product that's as aesthetically appealing as it is functional.

Exceeds Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in motorcycling, and this lens exceeds rigorous safety standards. It's impact resistant and designed to protect your eyes from debris, bugs, and harmful UV rays. Safety and performance go hand-in-hand, making this an indispensable addition to any motorcyclist's gear.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with the ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens. Simply follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and storage, ensuring the longevity of this high-quality product. A quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth keeps the lens in pristine condition, always ready for your next ride.

The Best Choice for Every Rider

Whether you are a seasoned rider looking for reliable equipment or a beginner seeking high-quality protection, the ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115 (ORANGE * GREY) RS00115 is the clear choice. Its blend of durability, clarity, and style makes it an essential addition to your biking accessories.

Trust RNR and the ACERBIS Huricane lens to elevate your riding experience. Order today and discover the difference high-quality eyewear can make.


  • Manufacturer: RNR
  • Product: ACERBIS Huricane Anti-Scratch Lens 115
  • Color: Orange * Grey
  • Model: RS00115
  • Category: Motorbike Parts > Clothing > Goggles > Lens

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