100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017

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100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017

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100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017

Welcome to the ultimate eyewear solution for motorbike enthusiasts! The 100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017 are engineered to provide unparalleled visibility and protection, ensuring you have a safe and thrilling riding experience.

Superior Optical Clarity

One of the standout features of these goggles is their superior optical clarity. Equipped with advanced lens technology, the Accuri 2 Goggles offer high-definition visibility, ensuring you see every detail on your ride. The mirrored lens not only looks sharp but also reduces glare, making it perfect for rides under bright sunlight.

Unmatched Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Accuri 2 Goggles excel. The triple-layer moisture-managing foam ensures a secure and comfortable fit. This innovative foam technology wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable even during long rides. Additionally, the frame of these goggles is constructed from a flexible and durable material, allowing them to adapt to various face shapes and sizes, providing a snug fit that stays in place through the roughest terrains.

Durability and Protection

Durability is a hallmark of the 100% brand, and the Accuri 2 Goggles are no exception. Designed to withstand the rigors of any riding condition, these goggles are equipped with scratch-resistant coatings and an impact-resistant lens, ensuring longevity and protection. The wide 45mm silicon-coated strap ensures that the goggles stay in place, providing a secure fit, while the anti-fog lens treatment ensures a clear view regardless of weather conditions.

User-Friendly Features

The 100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017 come with user-centric features that make them stand out. The lens is interchangeable, allowing for quick and easy lens swapping to suit different lighting conditions. The goggle's design also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, meaning you'll spend less time on upkeep and more time on the road.

Stylish Design

Not only are these goggles functional, but they also feature a sleek design with the unique Schrute Mir colorway, adding an extra layer of style to your riding gear. Whether you’re racing on the track or cruising through scenic routes, these goggles will complement your outfit perfectly.


These goggles are part of the vast array of motorbike parts and apparel available in our webshop. Suitable for various types of motorbike helmets, the Accuri 2 Goggles are an essential addition to any biker’s gear repertoire. Their compatibility and versatility ensure that they meet the needs of both professional riders and enthusiasts alike.

Why Choose 100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017?

  • Optimal Visibility with high-definition lens technology
  • Comfort with triple-layer moisture-managing foam
  • Durability with scratch-resistant, impact-resistant features
  • User-Friendly with interchangeable and easy-to-clean lenses
  • Stylish Design with the unique Schrute Mir colorway
  • Wide Compatibility suitable for various helmet types

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your moto journey, the 100% Accuri 2 Goggles SCHRUTE MIR RD 50014-00017 offer the perfect blend of safety, functionality, and style. Equip yourself with the best and experience the road like never before.

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