100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005

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100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005

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100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005

When it comes to motorcycle riding, having the best vision possible is paramount. Introducing the 100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005, a state-of-the-art lens engineered to provide unparalleled clarity, protection, and durability.

Premium Quality Lens by 100%

The 100% brand is synonymous with quality and high-performance eyewear, making it a trusted choice among riders worldwide. This Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens is no exception. Crafted with precision and innovation, this lens is designed to fit three different goggle models - Accuri 2, Racecraft 2, and Strata 2 - ensuring a versatile and seamless fit.

Outstanding Features

1. Crystal Clear Vision

The primary function of any goggle lens is to provide clear vision. The 59078-00005 excels in this aspect, thanks to its advanced clarity-enhancing technologies. Whether you're riding through fog, rain, or dust, this lens ensures that no obstruction stands between you and the path ahead.

2. Ultimate Protection

Safety is paramount for every rider. This lens offers 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, shielding your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Additionally, it's designed to withstand high impacts, protecting your eyes from debris, insects, and other hazards encountered on the trail or road.

3. Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistant

Fogging is a common issue with lower quality lenses, but not with the 100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens. It comes with an anti-fog coating to keep your vision unobstructed in all conditions. Moreover, the scratch-resistant treatment ensures long-lasting clarity and a sleek appearance even after extensive use.

4. Easy Installation

The smart design of the 59078-00005 makes swapping out lenses a breeze. Whether you need to switch to a different tint for varying light conditions or replace a damaged lens, the process is quick and user-friendly, requiring no specialized tools.

5. Versatility

One of the standout features of this product is its compatibility with multiple goggle models. This means you can use it with the Accuri 2, Racecraft 2, or Strata 2 goggles without any issues, providing excellent value for money.

Perfect for Every Rider

No matter your riding style, the 100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005 is an essential accessory. Whether you're a motocross racer, an off-road adventurer, or a casual weekend rider, this lens will enhance your riding experience by offering superior vision and protection.

Why Choose 100%?

When you choose 100%, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in performance, safety, and reliability. The company has a proven track record of producing high-quality gear that professional and amateur riders trust. This lens lives up to that reputation, providing you with the confidence to tackle whatever lies ahead.


  • Compatibility: Accuri 2, Racecraft 2, Strata 2 goggles
  • Protection: 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection
  • Features: Anti-fog coating, scratch-resistant finish
  • Manufacturer: 100%
  • Model: 59078-00005

Order Your 100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens Today

Don't compromise on your vision and safety. Equip your goggles with the 100% Accuri 2/Racecraft 2/Strata 2 Goggle Lens 59078-00005 and experience the difference. Order now from our webshop and take the first step towards a clearer, safer ride.

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