Important information / Frequently asked questions

Important information before ordering or interest

The stock of the webshop and the stores is not equal

The information on the webshop kit tells us that the product is available primarily from our external warehouse

If you are interested in one of the shop's stores - it is urgent to place your order - call the appropriate phone number or email us

Keeping the webshop and shops open is not the same! (See "Contact")

The photo is for illustration only.

Do not get started for the product before we notify you!


What does ✘ do you want to ask about inventory information?

The product is not in stock, we can only tell when to obtain it. Please inquire about one of our contacts or order it at our webshop and we will notify you of the expected time of arrival. It may take a couple of days, a few weeks, but it may not be possible to buy it anymore. In such cases, we will be able to find a replacement product for you.


If I see a ✔ product for a product, will I get it?

The cases are 99% yes. Our product database is refreshed several times a day, but despite all our efforts, you may have booked the last item before us, or our inventory information is proven to be incorrect or we have fewer copies (at least at the expense). In any case, we'll let you know if anything is a break. You do not have to worry about the status of your order.


I see two completely identical products at different prices.

Two things are possible. Or accidentally, a product has come into our system several times, which is, of course, available at a cheaper price if both are available. The other option is that the manufacturer ID does not match, in this case it may appear that the product has been duplicated, but there may be differences between them. We're working on getting all the IDs on the product sheet. If uncertain, please contact us.


I've given two orders one after the other, can I merge it?

Yes, of course, the orders can be merged until they are handed over to the courier service. Please email us your request by email or phone.


When will I receive my parcel?

Please read the Shipping Terms.


Did I accidentally skip something from the order, can I add it if I've already received the confirmation email?

If your order has not been set up yet and has not been transferred to the brokerage service, you can modify it. Please send us your request, questions, email or telephone to our customer service.


In case of return, how do I send the package?

For whatever reason you are sending us the product, please wrap it in at all times so that your factory packaging can not be damaged. In addition, it is very important that we can not pick up a receivable / portable package.


Does the manufacturer have a guarantee mark on the product?

Every supplier varies depending on the warranty to the product (factory or store). This is what we know when the goods arrived.

In the case of factory guarantee paper, you can send the defective product to the specified service on the paper.

In the event of a shop warranty, you must return the defective product at our site at your own expense (see GTC). In this case, there is no separate paper, the invoice issued by us is a guarantee card.

How long does warranty management last?

After receiving a product that is believed to be defective in our center (Vecsés) we will test it on the same day; if it is a defective and over 3 days purchase, we will take the next day to the supplier / importer / dealer who will take action later. We strive to guarantee the warranty within 15 days, but unfortunately, this is less important to us. We will do our best to keep the administration as little as possible, but we may have to wait for weeks before we get the repaired / replaced product. If we can, we will replace the defective product from your own warehouse so you do not have to wait for long warranty, but we can not always do this.

My hard disk is damaged, what about my data?

In the event of a warranty repair of the data store, for any information contained therein, our company is not responsible for any loss or recovery of any data contained therein, as a separate service, for which the remuneration is individually determined.

What does "A" and "B" category mean for monitors used for laptops?

For "A" products, each function works 100 percent, is in perfect aesthetic state, but is visibly used. In monitors and laptops, up to three pixel faults can be detected, laptops have a charger, their batteries run for at least 30 minutes.

In the case of "B" products, there are always aesthetic reasons to categorize them as "B". Technically impeccable products.

Monitors: For category B monitors, the display is stained and either scratched or pixel defective, or may be external traces of the cover (crack, fracture).

Notebooks: For "B" Notebooks, the display may be stained or scratched or pixel-defective, and there may be external traces (crack, fracture) on the cover without a battery or battery of 0%, possibly a USB port is not working or broken.

Can I order a large household appliance with courier service?

Delivery of white goods (large, vulnerable household items) and rack cabinets (32U and / or 80kg) is not possible, we can only hand it in person at our outsourcing shop!