Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions") are the Microstore.ie Limited Liability Company (headquarters: 2220 Vecsés Telepi út 22, business registration number: 13-09-151898, tax number: 23691067-2-13); (here- inafter referred to as the "Service Provider") and Microstore.com Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as Customer ). (Service Provider and Customer hereinafter jointly referred to as " Parties" ).

1. General information, the conclusion of a contract between the Parties

1.1. This General Terms and Conditions apply to all electronic commerce services provided in Hungary, located in the electronic store at www.mxguards.com (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). In addition, the present GTC covers all commercial transactions in the territory of Hungary, which is established between the Parties specified in this Agreement.

The purchase of Microstore.hu Kft. On the web site of the e-commerce services, CVIII, 2001 on certain aspects of information society services . ("Ektv.") by the fact that the present GTC shall be excluded from the provisions of Act. Section 5 (2) and Section 6 (1) - (2).

1.2. Purchase at Microstore.hu Ltd.'s webshop is possible by ordering electronically, as defined in this GTC.

1.3. The webstore services of Microstore.hu Ltd. are available to anyone. No pre-registration is required to use the services of the website. The person using the services of this site is compelled to accept the terms of this GTC.

1.4. The submission of the order is not a contract, and can be modified and canceled without any change in the terms of the contract. This is possible by phone and e-mail. The contract between the Parties is in the process of acquiring the goods. In view of this, the transfer in person to our professional stores does not constitute a distance contract. The contract concluded between the Parties in the Hungarian language by purchasing the goods is considered a written contract and the Service Provider records it and holds it for 5 years after its creation. A commercial transaction between parties is also not a contract that the Customer makes through the Service Provider's customer service (in writing, in person or by telephone).

1.5. Customer Service: The company's headquarters and opening hours are the same as those of the shop's opening hours. Opening times and contacts are displayed in the connection menu.

2. Order

2.1. The essential features of the goods purchased, their characteristics, instructions on how to use the goods can be found in the information page of the specific article or in the instructions for use supplied with the product.If you have a question about the goods before or after your purchase, you can ask them questions through our telephone or electronic contact information on our website or in our stores. The product we sell, where this is required by law, is attached to the product. If you do not accidentally receive the compulsory instructions for use with the goods, please notify us in one of our contact details immediately and, within a short time, before using the goods.

(Please always read the instructions for use carefully. Use of this product may be hazardous and product descriptions may also be helpful in this respect.)

Images displayed beside product descriptions are always illustrations and may differ from reality. The Service Provider shall not be liable for possible discrepancies as a result of possible specifications and product appearance.

2.2. The purchase price is always the amount shown next to the selected product, which, if not marked separately, already includes the sales tax (gross price). The purchase of the products does not include the cost of shipping.

2.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices of products ordered from the Website.

In spite of all the Service Provider's fault, a defective price is placed on the Web Store's surface, in particular the obviously false, eg. the "Service" is not obliged to deliver the product at a defective price, but can offer you the right price for the "0" or "1" HUF price, which is significantly different from the generally accepted or estimated price of the product, in which case the Customer may withdraw from his intention to purchase without any other costs.

2.4. By submitting your order, the Customer declares that you agree to these Terms and Conditions and accept it as compulsory for you.

2.5. The Service Provider shall send the Client a confirmation by electronic means (by e-mail) within 48 hours of receipt of the Customer's bid (order). If this acknowledgment does not arrive to Customer within 48 hours of sending the offer, then the Service Provider's terms of reference or any obligations of the Client will be automatically terminated without any additional conditions.

2.6. In the event that the visitor violates the rules set out in the GTC in any form, Microstore.hu can declare its order freely invalid.

2.7. Shopping process:

The selected product can be placed in the virtual shopping cart by pressing the "Buy Now" button. You can place multiple items at the same time in the basket. Once you have finished selecting the products, clicking on the "Order" button on the right side of the page will show the contents of your basket.

Here you can change the number of pieces or delete some of the elements or actual contents of the basket. After the "Resume Order" button is pressed, the Customer (Client) information is requested. The disclosure and use of these data is limited to the execution of the order. Microstore.hu does not store it for later use for any marketing or statistical purposes. Microstore.hu Ltd. deals with the handling and protection of personal data, in accordance with the relevant LXIII. Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest (detailed in the "Privacy Statement" of Microstore.hu Ltd.)

Completing the fields marked with * is mandatory, without which the order can not be completed. In the absence of such information, MicroStore.hu ltd. considers the order as invalid and as such does not accept any responsibility for errors occurring in order and performance!

Pre-registration is not required! If you do not want to provide later information about your purchases, you can click on the "Register" tab to register your profile at www.microstore.com.

The customer (Customer) has the opportunity to specify exactly where the products ordered in 3.4 are to receive the ordered product.

By pressing the "Finalize Order" button, Customer (Customer) will receive an electronic notification of the previously mentioned e-mail address, ordered products and their purchase price.

3. Delivery and payment terms

3.1. The delivery of the ordered products, contracted partner is done by PDS Hungary Kft. The products are delivered according to the methods provided by PDS Hungary Kft. And its tariffs. Microstore.hu Ltd. determines the expected time of delivery, following the confirmation of the order.

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the shipping fee. The change does not affect the purchase price of the products already ordered.

3.2. After completing the order, the Service Provider will initiate a consultation with the Client to select the delivery date, which does not indicate a specific date, but only to select an approximate delivery interval. The Service Provider can not undertake delivery to specified hours. The delivery deadlines stated in this section are for information purposes only, the Supplier is not required, the actual delivery date is always included in the order confirmation. Microstore.hu Ltd. can not be held liable for possible delays or damages resulting from the activities / activities of PDS Hungary Kft.

3.3. In the case of a product order, the Customer is obliged to check the package at the time of dispatch and to check the integrity of the package, and in case of complete, undamaged performance, sign the receipt.Subsequently, the Service Provider will not be able to accept a claim for defect or transportation damage. The excuses regarding delivery and ordering items should be documented in the presence of a freight forwarder and by a record.

3.4. The Customer may also receive the ordered product in person, the Service Provider shall provide the Customer with a Customer's designated location in the order confirmation sent by e-mail.

The Service Provider's premises:

2220 Vecsés, Telepi út 22.

3.5. By receiving the ordered product and reimbursing the purchase price, the Customer declares that he has received all information regarding the ordered product and has received the Abbreviated Notice of Right of Withdrawal in case of home delivery and received oral and written information in the case of personal receipt.

3.6. At our sites we have the option to pay by credit card, we can offer the ordered products at a shop by paying with a credit card, which is an average 2% higher than the prices of the Webshop.

4. Right, way and consequences of withdrawal

4.1. In the case of a contractual agreement between the outward buyers, if Customer intends to withdraw from the delivery of the product or, in the form of a non-personalized receipt, it may take no further reason within 14 days of receipt of the goods. This is the way in which Government Decree 17/1999. (II.5) . Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the day when the goods were taken over. The product must be returned to the Service Provider address in the original, undamaged state and in its own packaging with the original invoice. Microstore.hu Ltd. is obliged to reimburse the full purchase price for the return of a new condition (without damage, full content and packaging). The exercise of the right of withdrawal does not entail any additional costs for the purchaser, however, the Customer must arrange for returning the product and returning the costs. In the event of a write-off, it is sufficient to send the withdrawal statement within 14 days and at the same time ensure the return of the product as soon as possible. In the event of a withdrawal, Microstore.hu may demand compensation from the consumer for damages resulting from misuse of the goods.

At Customer's request, the Service Provider is prepared to arrange for the return of the goods, and the Service Provider's customer service will accept the requests. With regard to the cost of return shipping, Microstore.huoffers a unique fee in consultation with the courier service.

The withdrawal rule in the case of a contractual agreement between the outward buyers does not apply to the product (s) received through the web shop's surface but in person at the Service Provider's premises. In this case, Section 5.4. shall apply.

4.2. Microstore.hu does not accept postal (postpaid) postal parcels, which will be returned to the sender without any acknowledgment.

If the returned package complies with the above conditions, Microstore.hu Ltd. undertakes to return the purchase price, including the previous shipping costs, as specified in the applicable laws, within 30 days of receipt of the package, as far as requested by the customer, in cash.

4.3. Pursuant to Section 5 of Government Decree 17/1999 (II.5) , the Client (Client) can not exercise his right of withdrawal:

- in the case of a contract for the recording of sound or video recordings and of computer software, where the packaging has been released by the consumer

- in the case of the sale of goods that are made to the consumer's personality or produced at the consumer's request or express request (eg configuration configurations on request)

4.4. If Microstore.hu Ltd. does not / does not comply with the Client's obligation to disclose the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal for a period of three months.

4.5 Do I have a right of withdrawal within 14 days after the purchase?

If you take the product personally in one of our shops, then you will not be able to do so because you can personally make sure you are able to personally know the technical parameters and properties of the product you want to buy, so your rights to make decisions are not limited; or online ordering is not a purchase, just a booking , which is why we are ordering you the product and purchased it personally in our shop.

5. Warranty, Warranty Warranty

5.1. The warranty and warranties are governed by the provisions of Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code, as amended several times . Act No 151/2003 on the Compulsory Warranty of Certain Long-Term Consumables .(IX.22.) Of the Government Decree . A 72-hour substitute can be used by the customer if the intended use is prevented by failure. The trader has the right to review the reported defect in the purchased product with the specialist service and in the event that the defect is attributable to improper use, the repair cost is borne by the buyer.

Based on Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22), on the products marketed by Microstore.hu, we undertake a 12-month warranty on the conditions described here. We may deviate from this in some cases, but this will be indicated separately in each case.

The terms of the warranty are set forth in the aforementioned 151/2003. Government Decree No. 49/2003 , the Civil Code and the Warranty Claims Act. GKM Decree . Validation is subject to the warranty. It is important that, in the event of a warranty, the guarantor is not exempted from liability until he proves that the defect is not a consequence of improper use. 
In the event of a malfunction, the consumer may, at his option, require repair or replacement, unless the choice of warranty claim is impossible or if Microstore.hu will have a disproportionate additional cost compared to the fulfillment of the other warranty claim, the value of the breach, and the disadvantage caused to the holder by the fulfillment of the warranty right. 
If you have no right to repair or replace, or if Microstore.hu does not undertake to repair or replace or within the time limit set by this obligation, you will not be able to meet your requirements without significant discomfort to the consumer or withdraw from the contract.

There is no place for a withdrawal due to an insignificant error. 
Government Decree 17/1999 (II.5.) Was supplemented by Government Decree No. 213/2008 (VIII.29) , which was issued on September 1, 2008, has entered into force.)

The terms of warranty are governed by the Civil Code and Government Decree 49/2003. GKM Decree . Microstore.hu Ltd. has a warranty obligation if the product sold does not meet the statutory or contractual characteristics at the time of delivery. 
The validation of the warranty is conditional upon the parties disagreeing on the origin of the error, the consumer's obligation to prove the origin of the error (expert opinion). It must be presumed within six months of the date of delivery that the detected defect has occurred at the time of delivery. During this period, proof is the obligation of Microstore.hu Kft. 
If the consumer knew or knew the mistake at the time of signing up, Microstore.hu Ltd. is exempt from liability.

5.2. Factors Excluding Warranty

Registration of any irregular repair, deletion, transcription or incorrect information on the invoice or the identification tag will result in invalidation of the warranty. The warranty is void if the failure occurs for the following reasons: Damage resulting from improper use, which may be an accident, misfortune, incorrect storage, improper operation, damage, external interference. Damage due to strong sunlight, humidity, elemental damage (lightning strike, surge) or any mechanical damage. Damage caused by unauthorized service or intervention by an individual. Unauthorized handling of the products will result in loss of warranty.

5.3. Warranty and repair time limit

The warranty period begins with the date of purchase. If the product is repaired, the warranty period will be extended by the service time. Exception, if the repair hardware error can not be found, ie the failure is due to improper handling, virus, non-legal software etc. caused. In the case of replacement of a substantial part of the product, the warranty period resumes with respect to the (substantial part) of the replaced product. The buyer must report the detected error to our company as soon as possible if it fails, and the resulting damages are borne by the buyer.

5.4. Warranties and Warranties on Customer Rights

If the product is defective within 3 days of purchase, with proper commissioning and handling, the buyer may request the replacement of the same type of new product or the free repair of the product.

If there is no substitution for a product returned within the above deadline and conditions, the Customer may withdraw from the contract and may request the Service Provider to repay the purchase price.

5.5. In the event of a warranty repair of the data store, for any information contained therein, our company is not responsible for any loss or recovery of any data contained therein, as a separate service, for which the remuneration is individually determined. 

5.6. It is of utmost importance for us to ensure your satisfaction and quality service. For quicker and more efficient administration and better traceability, we have the right to have the warranty completed by completing the completed "RMA" and filling in it with the address 2220 Vecsés Telepi 22 to 22nd address. We are not responsible for any damages and / or inconveniences arising from the failure to complete or partial failure to provide us with the necessary information, the unlawful or unlawful exercise of the warranty, and the return to the address indicated above 2220 Vecsés Telepi út 22 .

The use of the "RMA" system in no way affects the Buyer's right to enforce his / her warranty claim as specified in the applicable laws.

6. Other provisions

6.1. Purchase on the Website requires the Customer to know the technical and technical limitations of the Internet and to accept the error conditions associated with the technology.

6.2. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused by the connection to the Website. The Customer is under an obligation to protect your computer and the data contained therein.

6.3. The Service Provider stores the information provided by the Client solely for the sole purpose of completing the order and subsequently proving the terms of the contract that may be concluded. The Service Provider shall not disclose the Customer's data to a third party unless the Third Party acts as the Subcontractor / Contributor of the Service Provider when the contract is concluded. In the course of handling the Customer's data, the Service Provider, in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and publicity of data of public interest, Act as it is in force at all times.

6.4. All the graphic and technical structures, the implementation modes of presentation, and the products, all the data, descriptions and pictures of our products on our web site (www.mxguards.com) are the property of Microstore.hu Kft. Without the rights of the copyright owner, their use constitutes a violation of copyright and implies legal consequences. 
When referring to www.mxguards.com, it is prohibited to place a link to display it as part of another site. In all other cases, we agree to accommodate a link to our site.

6.5. Microstore.hu Ltd. may file a lawsuit against any person who commits fraud or attempts to commit fraud. Microstore.hu Ltd. can not be held liable for any fraudulent third party fraud.

6.6. The Service Provider is entitled to amend the terms of this GTC at any time unilaterally. Any modification will take effect at the same time as the Website appears.

6.7. The Contracting Parties shall make every effort to settle any disputes through negotiation between themselves. If it is not possible to settle the dispute by negotiated procedure, the Contracting Parties will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Monori City Court, depending on the threshold.

6.8. Data Processing Registration Number: NAIH-60118/2016.

7. Operator Information

Headquarters: 2220 Vecsés, Telepi út 22.

Representative: Mr. Kálmán Radics

Tax number: 23691067-2-13

Company Registration Number: Cg. 13-09-151898

Notary authority: Budapest Court of Registration of the District Court

Bank account number: OTP Bank Nyrt. 11742551-20003940-00000000


E-mail: info@microstore.hu

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