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Stark Varg

The VARG was developed with one goal in mind, to prove that electric technology is superior to gasoline by outperforming all existing traditional motocross models.

It's more powerful, lighter, and has significantly less engine inertia than a combustion machine, giving you better handling and a better riding feel.

It's probably the biggest adrenaline rush you can get. And without noise, you can ride almost anywhere, anytime. The motor, control unit, drive and battery were all developed by our team of power electronics specialists. They collaborated with our engineers, combining extensive motocross and motorcycle industry expertise to integrate the motor into a chassis that matches its revolutionary power. Our team achieved this through an approach that focused on challenging codes to innovate and improve features and performance. Many of these advances have been patented.

  • Power 60hp (80hp option + 820€ + VAT)
  • Weight 110kg
  • Autonomy up to 6 hours (6kWh)
  • Charging time 1 to 2 hours
  • Kayaba front and rear suspensions
  • Power curve, engine brake, flywheel and traction control adjustable with the Stark VARG app



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