RISK RACING Lock & Load Pro Stand 1070736 64000003 77849-N

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RISK RACING Lock & Load Pro Stand 1070736 64000003 77849-N

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Transport your dirt bike without straps !


RISK RACING Lock-N-Load Pro systems are fully adjustable in both width and height. This allow to capture a much broader range of bikes, from 85cc to big bore up to 140kg. Users simply set the appropriate width and then roll the bike into the system and press down on the ratcheting jaws until the bike is secure. This new system knows few limits and can haul numerous bikes from a Cobra 50cc to a KTM 690 Enduro!


It grabs the bike by foot pegs which keeps the front and rear of the bike secure. The system distributes the load to both suspensions, minimizing blown fork seals. There is no need for tie-downs straps or wheel chocks, providing huge space saving benefits when transporting bikes in trucks, vans, trailers or toy haulers. The system eliminates the need to space bikes out and triangulate a web of straps. In fact, riders can position bikes side by side to save even more space for additional gear.


This next generation transport system is made from extruded aluminum. Not only is the aluminum material durable yet extremely light-weight, the extruded design allows for the struts to be removed from your truck, van, or trailer in mere seconds, leaving only the low-profile aluminum base plate. The necessary mounting hardware is included.


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