100% Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003

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100% Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003

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100% Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003: Elevate Your Ride

Welcome to our webshop, the ultimate destination for high-quality motorcycle parts and apparel. Introducing the 100% Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003, a premium product that marries form with function to offer a superior motocross experience. Designed by the renowned manufacturer 100%, these goggles are the epitome of innovation, comfort, and style.

Unmatched Performance

The 100% Strata 2 Goggles are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. Whether you're hitting the dirt trails or racing on the tracks, these goggles ensure optimal vision and protection. The mirror lens enhances contrast and depth perception, allowing you to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly.

Comfort Reimagined

Comfort is paramount when it comes to riding gear. The Strata 2 Goggles feature a dual-layer face foam that wicks away sweat while providing a snug fit. The adjustable strap ensures that the goggles stay securely in place, no matter how rough the ride gets.

Durability and Build Quality

Durability is at the core of the Strata 2 Goggles. The frame is made from a flexible yet sturdy urethane compound, designed to withstand the rigors of motocross. The mirror lens is scratch-resistant and has an anti-fog coating, ensuring that your vision remains clear and unobstructed at all times.

Style Meets Function

Why compromise on style when you can have both? The vibrant yellow color of these goggles not only makes a bold statement but also enhances your visibility. The mirror lens adds a sleek, modern touch to the overall look, making you stand out on the tracks.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: 100%
  • Model: Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003
  • Category: Motorbike Parts > Clothing > Goggles
  • Mirror Lens: Enhances contrast and depth perception
  • Dual-layer face foam: Sweat-wicking and comfortable
  • Adjustable strap: Secure fit
  • Durable urethane frame: Flexible and sturdy
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating on lens

Why Choose 100% Strata 2 Goggles?

Choosing the right goggles can make a significant difference in your riding experience. With the 100% Strata 2 Goggles Yellow - Mirror 50028-00003, you're investing in a product that's been meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Don't settle for less; elevate your riding experience with these top-of-the-line goggles.

Customer Reviews

Our customers love the 100% Strata 2 Goggles for their exceptional features and reliability. Here's what some of them have to say:

"The Strata 2 Goggles are a game-changer. The mirror lens offers incredible clarity, and the fit is perfect." - John Doe

"I've tried multiple brands, but nothing comes close to the comfort and performance of the Strata 2 Goggles. Highly recommend!" - Jane Smith

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