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ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH - BLACK AC 0000607.090: Ultimate Protection and Style for Your Motorbike

Welcome to our exceptional webshop, your one-stop destination for premium motorcycle parts and apparel. Here, we introduce the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH - BLACK AC 0000607.090, a true epitome of safety, style, and durability. This high-quality hand guard from the renowned manufacturer ACERBIS is designed to offer the ultimate protection for adventure and rally riding enthusiasts.

Product Overview

The ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH in sleek black (model number AC 0000607.090) is engineered to provide maximum protection for your hands during extreme off-road and rally conditions. Crafted with precision, this hand guard combines superior aesthetics with robust performance. It seamlessly fits into your motorbike, offering both functional and stylistic upgrades. Whether you're tackling rugged terrains or cruising on the open road, this hand guard will ensure your safety and enhance your riding experience.

Key Features

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-strength materials, the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH guarantees long-lasting performance, shielding your hands and handlebars from debris, weather, and impacts.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The advanced aerodynamic design minimizes drag while maximizing protection, allowing for a smooth and efficient ride.
  • Easy Installation: With its straightforward installation process, this hand guard can be easily mounted on a variety of motorbike models, saving you time and effort.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: The stylish black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your motorbike, ensuring you ride in style.
  • Enhanced Safety: By protecting your hands from branches, stones, and other obstacles, the DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH ensures a safer riding experience, particularly in off-road environments.


Investing in the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH - BLACK AC 0000607.090 brings numerous benefits, enhancing not only your safety but also the overall riding experience:

Uncompromised Protection

This hand guard offers unmatched protection against various elements and potential impacts during your rides. It acts as a barrier between your hands and obstacles, ensuring that you remain safe and uninjured, regardless of the terrain.

Improved Comfort

The ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. It significantly reduces strain on your hands, allowing for longer, fatigue-free rides.

Versatility and Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, this hand guard is versatile and adaptable. Whether you own an adventure bike, a rally bike, or a dual-sport motorbike, this hand guard is an ideal choice to enhance your vehicle.

Enhanced Riders’ Confidence

Riding with confidence is crucial, especially in challenging environments. With the protective features of the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH, riders can focus more on navigating and less on worrying about hand injuries or damage to their handlebars.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The sleek and stylish design of the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH adds a refined look to your bike. Its black finish blends perfectly with most motorcycle colors, lending an overall classy and aggressive appearance.

Don't compromise on safety and style. Equip your motorbike with the ACERBIS DS SPOILER RALLY BRUSH - BLACK AC 0000607.090 today and experience a newfound sense of freedom and protection. Browse through our webshop for a wide range of other motorcycle parts and apparel to complement your ride.

#Color Black (090)
#Color Orange 016 (011.016)
Condition New
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