ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 Helmet

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ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 Helmet

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The ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 Helmet is the epitome of modern motorbike headgear technology, combining superior protection, outstanding comfort, and cutting-edge design. This helmet is a valuable addition to any motorcyclist’s gear, providing excellent safety and style on the road.

Design and Build Quality

The ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 Helmet is constructed with a durable polycarbonate shell that offers maximum impact resistance. Its aerodynamic design not only improves your bike's performance by reducing wind resistance but also provides a sleek and stylish look. This helmet is meticulously crafted to ensure long-lasting durability, making it an investment in safety and quality.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is paramount when choosing a helmet, and the ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 excels in this area. It features a fully adjustable fit system that includes an easily maneuverable flip-up mechanism, making it convenient for riders who frequently stop and start. The interior of this helmet is lined with a high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry, even during long rides in hot conditions. Ventilation ports strategically placed throughout the helmet enhance airflow, providing continuous comfort and preventing the buildup of heat.

Safety Features

Your safety is the main priority, and the ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 does not disappoint. It is equipped with a multi-density EPS liner that absorbs shock upon impact and significantly reduces the risk of injury. The helmet meets and exceeds the stringent EN 22-05 safety standards, providing an assurance of the highest level of protection. Additionally, the flip-up design includes a secure locking mechanism to ensure that the helmet remains firmly in place during your ride.

Visor and Visibility

The ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 is designed with a high-clarity visor that offers a wide field of vision, crucial for maintaining awareness on the road. The visor is also anti-scratch and anti-fog, ensuring clear visibility in various weather conditions. Moreover, the helmet comes with a sun visor that can be easily adjusted to shield your eyes from intense sunlight, enhancing your comfort and safety during daytime rides.

Additional Features

This helmet includes various additional features that enhance its functionality and user experience. It has a quick-release buckle system for easy on and off, reflective elements for better visibility in low-light conditions, and compatibility with Bluetooth communication systems so you can stay connected while on the move. Plus, its sleek design and modern aesthetic make it a stylish choice for any rider.


Overall, the ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 22-06 AC 0025107 Helmet is a top-notch option for riders seeking a blend of safety, comfort, and style. With its advanced features and modern design, this helmet ensures you stay protected and comfortable on the road, all while looking great. Don’t compromise on your safety; choose the ACERBIS FLIP FS-606 for your next ride and experience the difference.

#Color Grey (070)
#Color White (030)
#Color White/Blue/Red (034)
#Color Black 2 (091)
#Color Black/Grey (319)
#Color Yellow 2 (061)
#Color Grey/Red (295)
#Size L (066)
#Size XL (068)
#Size XS (061)
#Size M (064)
#Size XXL (069)
#Size S (062)
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