ACERBIS Fohdegir Race Reroy AC 0025498.090 - High-Performance Motorcycle Sensor

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AC 0025498.090




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ACERBIS Fohdegir Race Reroy AC 0025498.090 - High-Performance Motorcycle Sensor

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  • Universal tachometer with RPM reader, launch control and shift warning functionality              
  • LEDs allow you to read revolutions per minute (RPM) in real time, giving you full control
  • The Launch Control function ensures the rider gets the perfect start, thanks to LEDs that indicate the ideal moment to start at maximum power and control, depending on one's preferences
  • The shift warning function uses LEDs to signal the rider the right time to shift gears and release full engine power. the LEDs will flash at the desired rpm
  • Equipped with a convenient button for adjusting the necessary settings, which can be positioned on the handlebars
  • Front guard integrated into the aluminum support base, with the protective function from bumps and debris
  • Water-resistant
  • Applies to the front of the fender, via an aluminum bracket and screws in the mounting kit
  • Can be applied to any fender, with direct power supply to the battery. RPM reading is via electrical pulses detectable from the spark plug power cable
  • Printed logo on tachometer and lasered on bracket
  • PVC: 29
  • 304 stainless steel: 14
  • Epoxy Resin: 10
  • Aluminium: 9
  • ABS: 7
  • Organic silicone: 6
  • Copper: 5
  • Methyl vinyl silicone rubber: 5
  • PBT: 4
  • Fiberglass: 4
  • Others: 2
  • PP: 3
  • PMMA: 1



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