ACERBIS Fuel Tank for Honda XR650L 93/96 - 22L (Red & White) AC 0001590

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ACERBIS Fuel Tank for Honda XR650L 93/96 - 22L (Red & White) AC 0001590

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Upgrade Your Honda XR650L with the ACERBIS Fuel Tank 93/96 - 22L (Red & White) AC 0001590

The ACERBIS Fuel Tank for Honda XR650L 93/96 - 22L (Red & White) AC 0001590, is the ultimate solution for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality in their motorcycle. Long rides on the Honda XR650L will never be the same again with this high-capacity, robust, and stylish fuel tank at your disposal. This fuel tank is specifically designed to fit the Honda XR650L models from 1993 to 1996, providing an easy installation and a snug fit. Let's dive into the features that make this product an exceptional choice for motorbike enthusiasts.

Key Features of the ACERBIS Fuel Tank

1. Impressive Capacity: With a substantial 22-liter capacity, this fuel tank ensures that you have sufficient fuel for prolonged journeys. This allows you to explore further and enjoy your rides without the constant need to refuel.

2. Top-Notch Material: Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, the ACERBIS Fuel Tank is built to withstand the rough and rugged conditions of off-road terrain. Rest assured, your fuel will remain secure, untouched by the harsh elements you might encounter on your adventures.

3. Striking Aesthetics: The red and white color scheme of this tank adds a touch of style to your Honda XR650L, making it stand out in a crowd. The sleek design not only enhances your bike's appearance but also complements its form factor, maintaining the integrity of the bike's overall design.

4. Easy Installation: Designed with the end-user in mind, this fuel tank offers a hassle-free installation process. Save time and avoid complications with this plug-and-play component.

5. Compatibility: Specifically tailored to fit the Honda XR650L models from 1993 to 1996, this fuel tank ensures a perfect match. There's no need for modifications or adjustments, making it a convenient choice for bike owners.

6. UV and Impact Resistant: Fortified with UV-stabilized materials, this tank resists the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, preventing color fade and degradation. Additionally, the impact-resistant construction guarantees long-lasting durability.

Why Choose ACERBIS?

ACERBIS is a reputable name in the world of motorbike parts and accessories, known for their dedication to quality and performance. Choosing ACERBIS means opting for reliability and innovation, ensuring that your motorcycle is equipped with the best possible components.

Enhance Your Riding Experience

The ACERBIS Fuel Tank for Honda XR650L 93/96 - 22L (Red & White) AC 0001590, is not just a replacement part; it's an upgrade that promises enhanced performance, increased fuel capacity, and an attractive aesthetic. Whether you're a professional racer, an adventurer, or a motorcycle hobbyist, this fuel tank offers tremendous benefits that make your riding experience more enjoyable and worry-free.

Additionally, the enlarged capacity means fewer stops for refueling, allowing you to cover more distance. The aesthetic upgrade will have you riding in style, turning heads as you blaze trails or cruise streets.

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#Color Clear (120)
#Color White (030)
#Color Red (110)
Brand Honda
Condition New
Stock status 3-14 days

Brand, type Year
Honda XR650L 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
Honda XR650L 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996

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