Compact & Light Weight: 11" x 1.25" and ONLY 180g
Easily fits into tool packs or mounts directly on your bike with supplied hardware
Big Power: High volume with High pressure - Inflates standard MotoCross tires in just two minutes (150 strokes)
Easily inflates Tubliss systems to 110psi with built in pressure gauge
Ergonomic Design: Unfolds into a mini floor pump, so your body does the work (not your arms like with traditional mini pumps)
Unlimited Air Supply: Save money, save time, save weight, by eliminating the use of CO2 cartridges 

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Nuetech NEW Mx Tubliss Mini Sized Motocross Dirt Bike Enduro Floor Pump

  • Gyártó: Nuetech
  • Cikkszám: 847980
  • Gyári cikkszám: MFP
  • Készlet információ: Elérhető
  • 9 900 Ft
  • 7 700 Ft

  • Nettó: 6 063 Ft

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29 900 Ft 33 900 Ft